575 Denim Jeans

About 575 Denim

Integrating global aesthetics with metropolitan resonance, 575 offers exquisitely designed products for those who require fashion infused with style, substance, and originality. With superb styling and a hip, modern attitude, 575 is a premium denim collection reflective of its customers’ acute eye for precision tailoring, superb fit, and extraordinary details.Designed by denim guru Frank Mechaly, the 575 collection mirrors today’s European attitudes as seen through city-refined inspirations. Luxe collections of high-grade denim offer a line that blurs the boundaries of casual, contemporary, and haute couture, while unwavering attention to detail makes the 575 collection rise above the rest. Denim pieces feature optimal fit, high quality materials, exclusive washes, and up-to-the-minute detailing. Stated simply: 575 leaves nothing to chance. Each stitch detail, rivet, seaming accent, and even hangtags are thoughtfully considered and designed before they are applied.

Launched in 2003, 575 is designed exclusively for the customer who understands style and quality. From catwalks to the red carpet to clubbing, denim has cache, and 575 has crafted a style that’s in demand. The best fabrics and treatments, coupled with an uncompromising attention to detail, define 575. Celebrity fans include Usher, Brad Pitt, and Jamie Foxx.

View our 575 Denim collection now.


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