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About Evisu

“If I can’t find quality in a product, I’ll make it” – Hidehiko YamaneOnce upon a time there was a real connoisseur of jeans, Hidehiko Yamane -as expert and demanding as only certain Japanese “otaku” can be. He passionately searched for the best products to import from anywhere in the world and soon realized that quality denim was impossible to find in the market. Then, during one of his trips in search of vintage pieces, he came across a 1950s American loom capable of weaving forty meters of “selvedge” denim a day. Yamane had an idea: why not make exceptional jeans for connoisseurs like himself? So the Evisu adventure began. In 1988, Yamane – who calls himself a tailor, not a designer of jeans – created a cult product. He originally called his jeans Evis, after the Buddhist god of prosperity, and they were made in Osaka from pure American cotton. Initially, Yamane personally painted his famous seagull logo on each article, a long and expensive process that only produced a dozen jeans per day. Today the little Osaka trademark has become famous all over the world.Evisu jeans are made of selvedge denim, using authentic materials, vintage details, and original methods -at every step in the production process. The denim is produced on shuttle looms and is naturally irregular; the irregularities come out as the jeans are worn, enabling every pair of jeans to develop a unique and beautiful pattern. The deep blue color and the way the jeans fade can only be achieved using Evisu’s loop dying system. These details, along with a host of others, make each pair of Evisu jeans unique.For true Denim Maniacs who appreciate this level of authenticity and craftsmanship, Evisu jeans are worth every penny..

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